Indikidual - Q&A with Syreeta Johnson

Indikidual is a London based brand with British and Swedish origins. It has the greatest sense of fun with eccentric prints and wild colour combinations. Everything that Indikidual create is made from organic cotton jersey making it as good for the environment as it is for your kids. Founder Syreeta knows the importance of practicality, comfort and no-nonsense dressing. An Indikidual garment is something that your kids will want to wear all day, every day. Their latest sushi inspired range is one of our favourite yet!

We had the pleasure of doing a little Q&A with Syreeta...this is what she said...

1) What is your family motto?
We don't have one!

2) Describe your brand in 3 words?
Playful, Quirky and Expressive

3) Describe your family in 3 words?
Manic, Crazy and lovely

4) Does your family have a favourite song?
We all like different music but have a common love of some Jamie XX on a Friday night

5) Whats your favourite season and why?
Summer, I just love hot weather, I think I should really live somewhere tropical

6) Whats your favourite time of day and why?
At the moment bed time but thats purely because I'm a bit exhausted at the moment!

7) What¹s it like for a family living in London?
It's great living in London with kids, there is always something on and there are so many great child friendly places to go. We are lucky to live just a couple of minutes walk from the forest so have a great mix of city and nature. 

8) How has London changed since your own childhood?
I didn't grow up in London but I used to visit with my parents, I remember going to Petticoat Lane and being overwhelmed by all the amazing fabrics and the buzz. We went back recently and I couldn't believe how much it has changed!

9) What is the key for a happy childhood?
I don't think I have the answer to that but for me it was having good friends, my sisters, my mum and my nanna looking out for me and making me happy. 

10) Describe your home?
We live on a quiet street in Walthamstow, our home is often a mess with toys and crafting all over the place but we have a great chill out space in our loft with amazing views over London where we can hang out or have friends over to party.

11) Where do you get inspiration from?
I get most of my inspiration from playing with my children, they come up with the best ideas. My husband is also very creative so we bounce ideas off each other. It can be quite touch working alone and getting inspired so my family definitely help.

12) What are your family traditions?
Its starting to become a tradition to have a Christmas swim in the sea with me, my mother in law and my brother in law all going in for a refreshing dip.

13) What is your favourite kids book?
I love classics such as 'The Wishing Chair' or 'The Secret Garden'

14) How would you describe your style and /or your parenting style? 
I'm often told I'm quite a laid back parent but I'm not sure if I am, I think I'm lucky that my kids love crafting and will spend hours drawing or playing play doh. I try to be a 'fun mum' but with my 6 year old daughter it's getting to the point when I don't know if I'm embarrassing her. She has asked me to 'perform' at her next birthday party so I can't be too bad!

15) Where is your favourite spot to holiday?
My husband is Swedish so we spend a lot of time at his family summer house. Its in the middle of nowhere and has amazing views onto the Swedish archipelago, it's great for relaxing or you can have adventures in the forests. Blueberry picking is one of Silas's favourite things to do, although we don't get to bring many home when he's picking :)

16) What's your favourite family day out?
At the moment both my children love going to visit papa at his work, Minnie loves stationary and goes nuts for a photocopier and Silas just likes running around. If I'm lucky I get to pop out and go to a shop alone for once so everyones a winner.

17) What hopes do you have for the future for the children and future generations?
I hope they continue to dream and be happy.


18) What emoji sums your brand up - or if it doesn't exist what would it be?! 
It would have to have our logo, the indikidual face to be my emoji!


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