Miszkomaszko - Polish Kidswear Inspired by Folk Art

We discovered Miszkomaszko on a buying trip to Paris having been drawn by their folk art inspired prints. There is something beautifully naive and very nostalgic about Agata Durniewicz's designs. Her love of fashion and for her Polish home town of Poznań, shines through in the collection and in her illustrations. Their pieces are wearable, comfortable and versatile making them perfect everyday wear that is special enough for parties.  The family run label prides itself of using local production and local materials and carrying the label "made in Poland" in all of their garments and accessories.

We are the first UK shop to stock their brilliant new range which is already an Olive Loves Alfie favourite this season. Get those dresses for twirling in quick!

We grabbed a few minutes with Agata and gave her the OLA interview....

1) What is your family motto?
I'm not sure if we have one but we take care of one another and we always look on the bright side of life.

2) Describe your brand in 3 words?
Story, Print, Comfort

3) Describe your family in 3 words?
Love, Eat, Laugh

4) Does your family have a favorite song?
These days it's "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, my daughter loves singing it.

5) What's your favorite season and why?
Summer for sure because we like spending time outdoors and the days are warm and long.

6) Whats's your favorite time of day and why?
I love mornings the most, the coffee, the breakfast and the excitement of what the new day will bring. 

7) What's it like for a family living in Poznań?
It's a really nice town, it's not too big so you get all the city life benefits such as movies, exhibitions, concerts and restaurants but it's not too crowded. I lived in Antwerp and Stockholm before and I think the atmosphere is a little bit similar, one could call it cosy. It's close to Warsaw and Berlin so we take city trips every now and then too.

8) How has Poznań changed since your own childhood?
I moved away to Belgium when I was 19 and moved back after almost 10 years to find my hometown transformed completely. I guess if you live here on a daily basis you don't really notice it but it's much more colorful now. There are lots of shops and restaurants, people go out a lot, there are parks, outdoor concerts in the summer and cultural events. I think it's heart beats a little bit faster now than in the past.

9) What is the key for a happy childhood?
Love and respect for this little person plus doing lots of fun stuff together, something they can remember when they are all grown up, something to go back to and to use that positive energy again when needed.

10) Describe your home?
It's colorful and full of art and cosy corners. Noisy and full of people.

11) Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere! I always keep my eyes open and look for nice colors and atmosphere or stories. I watch lots of movies, read books and look at tons of art. People are a huge inspiration too, it's interesting to take a walk or a bus ride in the city and just look at what they are wearing and to wonder what made them choose this particular outfit, what it means to them. Each collection begins with a story I want to tell and a colour board.

12) What are your family traditions?
We love to celebrate and it usually involves food and decorations. We cook special food for birthdays and for all kinds of holidays. It's nice to eat together!

13) What is your favorite kids book?
Pomelo is one of our favorites and we like it for the poetic take on life. We also read a lot of good old scandinavian books such as Pippi Longstocking or Lotta, kids can really relate to these stories and they make them laugh too. Our new discovery is the "Little people, Big dreams" series. The illustrations are great and it's quick and easy to read but at the same time gives a chance to have a nice talk about Frida or Coco Chanel. 

14) How would you describe your style and/or your parenting style?
Already as a little kid I would draw constantly and fill notebooks with designs because I wanted to be a fashion designer. I saw clothes as movie costumes, as a background to everything, a part of our identity and our story. My mom encouraged me to wear whatever I found best and to create my own style so I want my kids to be free to develop their talents and search for their own voice just like I was able to. 

15) What is your favorite spot to holiday?
Always the seaside and I love it even when it rains. We go camping each summer.

16) What is your favorite family day out?
We would go to have a picnic at the Zoo and maybe have some coffee or sushi in the city.

17) What hopes do you have for the future for the children and future generations?
I hope they will be able to make their dreams come true, I hope what we teach them now will still be useful when they grow up, I hope the world doesn't change too fast or if it does then I hope it's for the better. I want them to feel safe.

18) What emoji sums your brand up or if it doesn't exist what would it be?
Definitely a mermaid! 

You can shop the latest Miszkomaszko range here

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