Mini Rodini /// Tackling Identity In Their Own Way /// AW19

MINI RODINI are encouraging kids to go their own way. It may seem like flippant street cool statement but there is an underlying seriousness to it that from a personal perspective has great signficance. Identity is such a big issue that affect almost everyone. For kids struggling with their mental health it looms even larger. Everyone wants to belong - connection is a basic human need. So many of us talk about finding our tribe so much so that it has become one of the most used terms and instagram. "Tribe" made it into the Urban Dictionary and there is no denying the power of "the group". For kids navigating tribal waters who are questioning their identity it can be treachourous and complex journey. There is nothing better than finding a place of comfort and connection but trying to fit in with a group can be exhausting that can result in a loss of self. Fitting in with yourself first is the best stepping stone to finding your tribe. Here's to kids adopting a policy of self love and coming together with other in an authentic way in a tribe called "WEIRDNESS".



Stay Weird Sweat £45


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If you love leopard print you are going to fall in love with Mini Rodini Basic because it is now produced in Tencel instead of 100% GOTS certified cotton. TENCEL™ is a wooden fibre that feels soft and breathes - a great sustainable alternative to cotton - produced in an advanced “closed loop process”, with minimal impact on the environment and with an economical use of energy and water.

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