beti+beno (pronounced "beh-ti + beh-no" and is hindi for daughters and sisters)

I met founder Parul Patel to talk about our mutual love of india and handmade textiles and our shared vision to empower marginalised communities.

Parul works with a family of hand block printers as well as a two families of hand weavers to created a small line of unique high quality, hand woven and hand block printed scarves.  10% of Beti + Beno net profits from every product sold goes towards educating children in the rural communities of India. 

Gujarat was the birthplace of Parul's grandparents.  She has fond memories of visiting her grandfather’s village and enjoying the minimalist lifestyle with very few resources.  It is through these experiences that Parul learned some of the most valuable life lessons - less is more; the power of belonging to a community and most importantly, make your mark in this world.

Through several recce trips in search of the right artisan communities as well as education partners, Parul launched  beti+beno.