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Bien Fait

The Parisian wallpaper brand Bien Fait are shaking up the interior world with their graphic brilliance, sheer scale and mastery of colour. Bien Fait means ‘well made’ - this is a design house that celebrates local artisan skills on a mission to revive the tradition of French wallpaper. Founder Cecile Figuette inspires us to create brave spaces that create an enigmatic backdrop to your life. The designs can transform a space with unexpected layers of imaginative suggestion. Introducing exciting visual elements to your home not only encourages the imagination, but it brings energy and vitality to a space. A few designs have been created specifically for children but take your pick from the entire range for the room of your choice. It’s clever on so many levels: on the one hand the wallpaper evokes luxury; on the other, its non-woven mix and polyester fibres make it easy to hang and easy to care for. This is design for the modern family at its best.