Bobo Choses

Olive Loves Alfie was one of the very first British childrenswear stores to champion Bobo Choses as the next big thing. We weren't wrong - they have carved out a niche as the most sought after kidswear brand in the business. Bobo Choses reinvent themselves each season by telling a brand new story that captures the magic of children and childhood. They are high on imagination and creativity that reflects the playful nature, passion and language of children. The signature painterly style of Bobo Choses illustrations and prints has a sense of innocence and purity that chimes with our ethos of encouraging creative and imaginative play. Fusing utilitarian styling with poetic detailing gives each of their pieces a strong individual flavour. Based in an old toy factory in Barcelona all of their garments are made locally where their team works passionately to creative innovative and fun worlds for children.