Colour Pop

Whether you have a dedicated playroom or a space in the corner of a room you can create an exciting place for your children to play in. A rug doesn’t just create a cosy space it can be an island or a magic carpet. The Tiger Rug from Nidi will inspire all sorts of imaginary games. Kids love dens - little places they can hole up in on their own or with their friends. Natalie Lete's imaginative teepee from Moulin Roty is great base camp for adventures that can be taken outside in the summer. Fill it with cushions and a sheepskin rug to turn it into a cosy quiet reading corner. Treat a piece of clothing as a work of art and hang it on a Girl Hanger from Red Hand Gang. Toys that double up as little places to store things are great fun. And if they have wheels so much the better! Kids will have endless amounts of fun with the bright yellow Luggy from Olli Ella.

Look out for vintage children’s furniture and toys that will make the space you create unique.  You can make up brilliant stories for children about where things have been found and who their previous owner was. In actual fact the 70s orange chair and the Good-Wood walker were both from a car boot sale. We love a DIY element especially when it's an activity that you can do with your children. A string of multi coloured pompoms brings a sense of celebration everyday to our Colour Pop Playroom.

A mirror ball is a magical addition to any room especially if you connect it to the mains or just put it somewhere where the sunlight will catch it. From a playroom to a teen room a mirror ball will never loose its attraction.  Light up a playroom with a colour changing Hello Kitty light. Not only does she create a calm ambience but she can become the focal point for lots of games. At the end of the day its a great bonus if you can encourage your children to put their things away. Make it a game and part of the fun. For storage we love this tall boy from Nidi with colourful knobs. Without your kids even realising it gives you an opportunity to colour code and organise things without being a bore.

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