A children's bedroom should be calm and dreamy. Our DREAMER bedroom focuses on gentle colours, cosy textiles and clever storage. Taking inspiration from our trips to Japan we made simple hangers from bamboo for a collection of posters and wallpaper and turned an Olive Loves Alfie kimono into a piece of wall art.

The Etta Bed from Nidi is a full size single that will last way beyond childhood. It is just high enough off the ground to provide lots of space for storage. A row of Belly Baskets from Olli Ella under the bed will give you plenty of space for organising toys and games. A range of colours doesn't just look lovely but it helps your children to organise things easily.  Mix and match textiles to create interesting combinations. The Cloud printed duvet from Trixie and the Jade Hand Quilted Blanket from Camomile London create a lovely cosy space.

The Sunday Rug from Nidi captures the imagination and is a great place to land when your child jumps out of bed in the morning.

Whether you hang wallpaper conventionally, perhaps decorate a feature wall with it or use it as a wall hanging as we have it is a really effective way of introducing a mood and personality to a space. The gentle colour palette and illustrations of pine trees and friendly bears by Hibou Home is a lovely mellow design.

Desks and stools that have been designed specifically for children helps them to sit and focus on quiet activities. The plywood Plyve desk from Plyconic is the perfect size for children from 3 to 6. And hey presto when they have outgrown the desk use it as a neat bedside table.

Lighting is a great way of creating the right atmosphere for bedtime at the end of the day. From the small Rabbit nightlight from Rice to the Hello Kitty light there is something for every price range.

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