Kati Kaia London designs and produces organic natural yoga mats. Made from natural rubber with a microfibre surface, printed with water inks, they are fully recyclable and sustainable. Each design goes beyond the aesthetic to resonate with a different chakra and embraces colour therapy. A holistic approach makes Kati Kaia yoga mats make an inspired gift for a new parent, to encourage someone to take up the art of yoga or for someone looking to deepen their practice and to live more sustainably and to give back to the planet. Each mat will last for years but when you are ready to move the energy of your chakra or work with a different colour therapy you can recycle your mat but the hope is you would donate it for use as a sleeping mat at your closest refugee scheme.
From the sale of every Kati Kaia Gallery mat we donate an acre of land for conservation in support of The Rainforest Trust.