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Club de Mer

Club de Mer was born in 2015 by Rachel and Angus as a sustainability project that also helped to sustain the local community by involving them in building the brand.
The original striped fisherman's shirts are to be found in 18th century Brittany. Onion merchants, leaving from France to sell their goods in England, wore a very distinctive item of clothing that made them recognisable from a distance.  Over the years the designs moved on and fresh colours were introduced but its nautical routes are a constant and adapted by many communities who live by the sea.
Club de Mer celebrates the heritage of these iconic striped shirts and their clothing represents tradition with a modern twist bringing vitality mixed with genuine authenticity.  All their garments are made by the Atlantic coast in a small family business in Portugal, a country steeped in maritime history.  Created, manufactured and hand finished to the highest possible standards using only locally sourced materials and skilled craftspeople. A rare blend of traditional manufacturing, nautical flair and unmatched quality.  

La Mode Pull

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