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The most dangerous journeys of all time 

The real-life adventures of the most courageous explorers of all time

‘Accessible and entertaining … a welcome addition to the subject and may even inspire future explorers and pioneers!’ – The School Librarian
‘The book, which is easy to read and visually appealing, is packed with photographs and illustrations of the daring expeditions. I have especially enjoyed all the background details such as expedition kits, supplies, and survival tips for the extreme conditions of each journey help children see how explorers pitted themselves against adversity to brave the wild and help shape our world’– World Kids

Brimming with tales of heroism and useful survival tips, as well as photographs and illustrations, Explore! describes the intrepid journeys and discoveries of famous trailblazers from Christopher Columbus to Ranulph Fiennes.

Includes such heroes as:
• Scott and Amundsen – headstrong rivals race to the South Pole
• Christopher Columbus – sails into the unknown ... crew mutinies.
• Mary Kingsley – fights off alligators in West Africa.
• Neil Armstrong – risks everything to land on the Moon.
• Amelia Earhart – dares to fly the Atlantic solo.
• Jacques-Yves Cousteau – dives to the ocean depths to protect sea life
• Ranulph Fiennes – ignores warnings in search of extreme challenges

plus many more!

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