Red Extra Chunky Glitter Mix


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Red Extra Chunky Glitter Mix
Red Extra Chunky Glitter Mix
Biodegradable extra chunky glitter for max impact. Use a brush and apply using our disco glue to create a more pigmented paint-like glitter finish.
  • 18 gram
  • Glass jar
  • Use on hair or skin
  • Biodegradable


Apply hair gel where you want your glitter to go

-Press your glitter onto the gel using a brush (clean your brush between uses) build up colours/density waiting for gel to dry between layers.

-Set with hair spray.



-Apply adhesive to skin where you would like your glitter to go (e.g. with petroleum jelly or hair gel)

-Apply glitter to skin with your fingers or with a small brush 


Please note : If unsure, we advise to test a tiny bit of glitter on your skin before applying it to any larger areas. All glitters are EN71 tested and are safe for cosmetic use.

Keep glitter away from Eyes, if irritation occurs wash the area with water. If the problem persists seek professional medical advice.

Not suitable for Consumption.
Red Extra Chunky Glitter Mix
Red Extra Chunky Glitter Mix